The impact of 5G on mobile app development

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The advent of the 4G network took the world by storm, and it was like all the network issues of people will be resolved. They could communicate seamlessly, get signals in the remotest of towns, and enjoy über fast speed. But how about going a step ahead and introducing the consumers to the 5G network. The fifth generation of cellular networks can become a game-changer for the world as a whole. With 5G in the limelight, the apps will also see the impact.  App developers would realize the impact of this fast network and work on the possibilities that it offers to see the benefits accruing to it. It will majorly impact the mobile app development industry with speedier speed and connectivity for mobile apps.

The changes in cellular technologies

Before we discuss 5G, let’s take an overview of the cellular technologies existing before-

  1. 1G- The first generation of wireless communication helped people make simple calls with their mobile phones. It had a data transfer speed of about 1.9 kbit per second.
  2. 2G- Launched in 1991, which offered its users voice calls, text messages, and internet connection facilities. It had a speed of 10 kbit per second.
  3. 3G- the third generation of wireless connectivity was introduced in1998, which offered a speed of 200 kbit/s and a maximum of 14.7 Mbit/second. This provides facilities like sending pictures and making video calls.
  4. 4G- introduced in 2008, it is the currently used wireless technology that allows users to engage in data-intensive activities like gaming, video-conferencing, high definition media streaming, and much more. It has a speed of 60 Mbit per second.

Understanding 5G Network

With technological advancement every other day, efforts are made to enhance it further and create new and modified versions of it. In this regard, 5G is a revolutionary step. This technology offers high-speed mobile internet connectivity with more stability. It allows for faster downloads, facilitating the transferring of vast amounts of data more comfortably and quickly. 5G network will change the way users see smartphones and mobile apps. It provides its users with a connection speed of 10gigbites per second, which is ten times faster than the 4G network connectivity speed. It can change the way people communicate. For the mobile app developers, the 5G network connectivity brings many possibilities apart from providing them with high-speed data transfer.

How does 5G technology work?

Wondering what’s so unique about the 5G technology and what the hype is all about. Let’s understand the way this technology works. 5G uses three different spectrum bands for its process.

  1. High band spectrum- high band spectrum is the contributor to the highest performance for 5G. It has the highest levels of speeds that can reach up to 10Gbps. But it’s a significant disadvantage is its low building penetration and low coverage area.
  2. Mid band spectrum- the middle band spectrum lies in between the high band spectrum and low band spectrum. It is much faster than the low band spectrum; it does not have an impressive wall penetration. It’s peak speeds can reach up to 1Gbps.
  3. Low band spectrum- the low band spectrum is the primary band for connectivity carriers in the US. It has impressive wall penetration and covers large areas. It is an alternative term for the 1GHz range.

Characteristics of 5G connectivity

While 5G is soon going to replace the 4G network, it is in no way modifying the 4G network. It is entirely different and consists of new communication architecture that provides enhanced services to its users. Some of the salient features of 5G technology include-

  1. One of the basic features of a 5G network is the faster speed that it offers. 5G network provides smooth and fast cellular connectivity. It provides a 100 times more rapid pace than the 4G network. 5G network transfers enormous amounts of data at a breakneck speed. It downloads the data at lightning speed—the 5G data transfer speed range from 50 Mbit to over 2 Gbit.
  2. Enlarged capacity- it is often difficult for the service providers to provide uninterrupted connectivity to larger audiences. 5G network solves this issue by offering connectivity with increased speed and better concentration. The 5G network provides more significant optimization of network traffic and easy handling of usage spikes. It helps in seamless communication with sensors, machines, hardware, and other components.
  3. Better precision- the increased bandwidth of the 5G network offers improved responsiveness and precision capabilities.
  4. Improved connection density- 5G, can support up to a million devices compared to a 4G connection that can support around 2000 devices within 0.38 square miles. Along with fast speed, low power usage, and latency, 5G is revolutionary for mobile app developers.
  5. Low latency- 5G assures a robust latency of one millisecond. At the same time, the 4G network shows an average latency of 50 milliseconds. Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication allows data to be transferred between devices in real-time with minimum intervention. This way, mobile apps will be able to work efficiently and provide a better user experience.
  6. Improved bandwidth- 5G ensures better connectivity and has higher radio frequency and shorter wavelengths than the 4G network.

How can 5G change the mobile app development scenario?

With the fantastic features of 5G technology, the developers are keen to incorporate and find out possibilities of using it for enhanced mobile app experience. Trends in mobile app development are sure to get a kick with 5G in line. Let’s discuss how technology can change the mobile app development scenario.

  1. Better AR and VR based apps– such apps like AR and VR are stepping into the world of IoT. With 5G technology, users can experience better online apps. These technologies can easily be integrated into mobile apps because of zero latency and improved operational speed. The use of AR and VR will enhance with 5G connectivity. Improved mobile broadband will enable mobile app developers to go creative and provide interfaces suitable for factories, industries, schools, etc.
  2. Accuracy in GPS enabled apps- one of the most common issues faced with slow networks is locating the places and less coverage. With 5G, it is solved. It offers a better range and connectivity as it uses higher radio frequencies and short wavelengths. With this feature, it gives more precise and accurate results. With enhanced connectivity, improved speeds, and seamless communication, mobile app development based on GPS apps can work more efficiently and smoothly.
  3. The quality of the video apps can also level up with the use of 5G technology. It offers higher resolution, faster speeds, lower latency, and efficient performance; video apps are sure to show significant improvements.
  4. With a 5G network, it is possible to transfer vast amounts of data faster. App developers can develop apps keeping in mind productivity and enhancing user experience. Through these apps, businesses and industries will be able to utilize data more efficiently.
  5. The already existing 3D technology can be amped up with the use of 5G technology. Apps enabled with 5G can be combined with 3D printing to develop 3 D models. With this wireless technology, it can improve the overall system’s capacity and energy. It can work well for various sectors like education, health, construction, etc.
  6. With 5G, a better user interface can be experienced. It can improve the performance and responsiveness of the apps. It will provide better visual clarity and decreased load time with better connectivity. The developers can enhance the functionalities and features of their apps with the use of 5G technology.
  7. With faster speed, low latency, and less dependence on hardware, battery consumption will decrease. 5G can help in extending the battery life of mobiles and IoT devices. This way, users can interact with the apps for a longer time.
  8. By saving the cloud data, consumers can access and run apps without the hassle of installing them on their devices. It makes space for the device’s processing power and hardware. 5G also ensures high-speed real-time connection and communication between the devices. Mobile apps will be less dependent on the hardware of smartphones for the processing of apps.
  9. You all know how the apps can now be connected to various devices like smartphones, tv, or security systems. Alexa, Siri, and Google go to the world of IoT. 5G can help to take it up another level. With more interconnected devices and advancement in artificial intelligence, 5G enabled apps will influence almost everyone.
  10. 5G enabled app developers will help to integrate different technologies into the apps effectively. App developers can consider the integration of more human-machine interactions and machine interactions.

Industries that can be most benefited from the 5G technology

Sectors like logistics, education, IoT, production, healthcare, AR/VR, etc., are the most benefit from the advent of 5G technology. The companies can change tremendously. With 5G technology picking up pace, it is estimated that approximately 1. 4 billion devices will be running on the 5G network by 2025.


As per the statistics, the 5G network is expected to contribute $12.3 trillion of economic output by 2035. This gives a clear insight into the impact this technology will have on the future of IoT. 5G technology can prove to be a real game-changer for mobile app development. It will benefit both the app developers and users by providing enhanced mobile app features and a better user experience.

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