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Consulting apps are now trending in today’s world. There is so much knowledge on internet available so picking up right one is difficult. Apps where a consultant can talk or chat with the knowledge seeker are now part of apps.

Basically knowledge seeker can search an expert, view profile, view rating, check the credibility on the app. This all information is handy before calling up the desired expert. Expert choice can be based on the work profile and amount earned till date. Consulting app comes up with nice feature of VOIP calling, Chat with expert and Messaging in app.

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App where two parties are involved where one party pays for consuming the service and another party subscribes to be a partner of the platform. This scenario is now common when we look at apps like Uber, GrubHub. These apps are on demand, but for time being if we eliminate the need of real time tracking, the app will have all the features like Consulting apps. The idea here was to develop app for users and website for administrators of the platform.

Client discussed features of Twilio VOIP calling, Chat and Payment gateway integration while discussing the app development features. It also included Use case where the platform deducts commission and gives auto payment to Experts in real time. This auto deduction is a facility of Stripe new payment technology. Performance and scalability was one of the issues which were important while developing the app and website.


Team for business analysts understood the requirement, there were few POC (Proof of Concept) were required before we provide solution to our client. During the analysis phase, we changed few of the third party integrations and collaborated with client to choose the right platform. With the heavy load of users, we suggested client to use AWS Cloud platform. For VOIP and Video calling, Twilio being the leader, we implemented at app. For chats, we suggested to implement Firebase or QuickBlox chat.

Payment integration was initially decided as Paypal but soon it was changed to Stripe. Stripe provides a way to create standard account where amount from customer’s stripe account can easily be transferred to respective expert’s account. This process involves deducting the commission for the platform. This system involves high end server, enterprise architecture and strong base of analytics which helps system to be scalable and efficient.


The app is currently in Beta for test users. Results will be out soon.

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