is website development?

Few years back from now, website was a luxury, but since few years, website has become essential or start point of any business. Every business, be it small or medium, needs website where clients know their business, identify services, becomes transparent way over conventional way of hand pamphlets. Website includes creative thinking, designing prototype, graphic designing, content creation, some elements of user experience. All the points needs to take care of the target audience.

Restaurant website will have visitors who are foodie, hungry, hence designing website will need similar graphics, videos and content planning. Similarly travel website will have travelers as visitors who will be interested in understanding packages for destinations, may also want to view the pictures of hotels. The design of travel website will be drastically different than that of restaurant website. Only similarity they share is, they will need similar ideation phase where brainstorming, conceptualization and user experience is given more points than any other point.

We at Vibeosys believe in building Mobile First websites, which are modern, responsive and lightweight. We work with clients to understand the need of the business and suggest some of the best techniques to make the website, one of the best. We offer services in web designing, development and maintenance.


Why website?

If you are still apprehensive about why do I need website, then let us take you through some of the interesting statistics applicable in today’s world.


Need CMS & STATIC website

Web development discussion starts with a major question of WHO is the Audience? If the audience planned to visit the website then Static website will serve the purpose. But if the audience is expected to have interaction which will bring business, then it needs to be dynamic website.

cmscms website

CMS Website

Static website contains pictures and content, given to development team which adds it once and keep maintaining throughout the life of website. Static website can be built with only HTML pages Or alternatively can be built with one of popular Content Management System platforms. Some of the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) are WordPress, Joomla, Magento and so many others. Advantage of using popular CMS like WordPress is development time is very quick. The content can be changed by the owner using some determined login.

staticstatic website

Static Website

Dynamic website lifecycles are bit lengthy but are more secured than any other form of web development platforms. It provides customized website development which when applied offers best results to the owner. Being dynamic, development team will be able to modify or add new functionality easily. Opposite to CMS websites, it offers lot many advantages, but the only disadvantage is this option is time consuming and follows waterfall model of development.

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Search engine optimization is a technique of implementation of search keywords, site optimization where searching on any of popular search engines yields results. Results which are in first 10-20 records are supposedly using SEO as technique for their websites. Popular websites always use this technique. One of most interesting points of search engine optimization, the methodology is easy to implement and results are worthwhile.

Search engine marketing includes marketing on any other platforms. Marketing may have different goals like client visits, client acquisition, business growth, product sale or many more. These goals can be fulfilled by creating campaigns on search engines or social networking sites which involves PPC or CPI technique. PPC is pay per click, and CPI is cost per impression. Both techniques have advantages, disadvantages.


Web design process

Modern web designs are Mobile First designs. Design starts with prototyping the idea, and then it gets converted to HTML5 designs. Design thinking is always at the core of our designs. We work with clients to understand the competitive landscape, work with them to know the impression they want to create through their website. Web design process is most creative because it involves desktop and mobile responsive designs. It involves design thinking and design testing. We review all the designs with all types of devices like mobile app with low resolution to Desktop with high resolution. We use latest designs to make sure that clients gets the best of both worlds.


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