MEAN is an acronym for Mongodb Express Angular JS Node JS. MEAN stack web development has slowly become popular with the increasingly popular quick speed responsive websites. The MEAN stack has become invaluable since year 2017 for the software industry. MEAN stack converts a website into lightweight and efficient website. MEAN is an excellent framework for small scale websites to large scale businesses. Scalability is one of the major feature why the world is turning towards MEAN stack web development. With increasing demand of quicker feature rich websites, MEAN stack has been definitely scoring points. We at Vibeosys Software offer services in Node JS development, Angular JS development which are an integral part of MEAN stack web development.


MEAN stack web development is a combination of Frontend and Backend development. Frontend development consist of strong Angular JS framework and backend consist of quick Node JS development. Express JS is used for database operations and Mongo DB creates robust record breaking database platform. Basically all of the platforms involved in MEAN speak common language JSON, so there is no communication barrier. Combination of strong platform makes it the first choice for the scale-hungry businesses. Its applications are found in various industry verticals for example: On demand Taxi booking, Food ordering, Travel, Social networking. These are some of the industry verticals which need scalability as per increasing number of users and professionals in the network.

Our offerings in MEAN stack development

We leverage of the power of MEAN stack to create high performance, scalable websites. We support the open source development by providing updates to individual communities.

  • Mongo Db

    One of the first NoSQL database which responds in record one millisecond. This is super-efficient response time compared to other SQL databases. The ability to reduce complexity and store data in JSON format makes it more efficient.

  • Express.js

    Express.js is minimal and flexible web development platform. It offers wide range of features for mobile and web.

  • Angular.js

    Angular.js is now an emerging option for frontend development. With robust MVC structure, it has become popular choice for web developers.

  • Node.js

    Node.js is one of powerful programming languages. It is said that is prepared for browsers to use its full capabilities.

Technical overview of MEAN stack web development


MongoDB, Node.js, AngularJS, and Express.js all communicate through JSON. This helps the data flow smoothly across all layers. PHP may already have the code to import to MySQL data and make it easy to process in PHP but that doesn’t help in the client layer. MEAN uses the same JSON format for data everywhere, making it simpler and more time sensitive in terms of reformatting  as it passes through each layer. JSON’s popularity through the MEAN stack makes it easier to work with external APIs.

Why choose vibeosys software as your preferred partner for MEAN stack development

  • Vast experience in AWS, Azure Cloud

    Built in for cloud, MEAN stack offers huge plus for business critical projects. We have vast experience in installing and operating MEAN stack web projects.

  • Node.js Simplifies the Server Layer

    In classical web development projects like LAMP or Apache Java projects, there are multiple layers before the request reaches to program. In Nodejs there is no different webserver, so the layer is so simplified, that it is easy to operate on.

  • Efficient team with experience

    We at Vibeosys Software have an efficient team to work on MEAN stack web development. Experienced team helps to troubleshoot issues and make the process smoother.

  • Make your code isomorphic

    It's all javascript at the end of day which makes MEAN stack one of the most sought after choices for web development. Javascript written in Angular or Node both will have similar impact. Interchangeability and flexibility are big plus for MEAN.

  • Mobile first lightweight design

    Being opensource it conforms to W3C standards. It's lightweight, flexible and responsive when it comes to design.

  • Ready made Angular components

    MEAN stack web development has Angular JS development community which makes it possible to get ready made components. These components are easily deployable and usable for web development.

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