Mobile apps for pet care are evolving post covid

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Humans are always in search of love and companionship. With busy schedules and lifestyles, they want someone to make them happy and feeling of wanting. While some seek their friends and families, but for many, it is pets whom they consider their companion. Owing pets is one of the most comforting and adventurous decisions for anyone to take. They are known to be great stress-busters and provide them with unconditional love. The pet industry has seen massive growth in recent years. According to the American pet product association, around 85 million households have a pet, and over the last 30 years, pet ownership has gone from 56 percent to 68 percent of all the homes. Adopting a pet is much easier than taking care of it. How much would love to take dogs for an afternoon walk but do we have that much time for it every day?

Especially in western countries where life is so fast and hectic. This is where the role of technology can come to their rescue and make lives easier for pet-owners. It might sound a little weird as to how technology can help you with managing pets. There are many mobile app for pet care that have come up in recent years. These apps are quite popular in western countries. Making use of these smart pet care apps can make the lives of pet-owners relatively easier. These apps help you know the whereabouts of your pet when you are not at home. They keep track of your pet’s well-being. They also help you keep updated with your pet’s location. The market for pet tech has a lot of potentials and is one of the US’s emerging markets.

The popularity of mobile app for pet care post covid

While pet care apps are already popular in western countries, their use has surged two-fold post covid. This is more so because, since the covid situation, people are working from home and the pets make it difficult for them to concentrate on the work. Imagine if you are attending a video-call meeting with your boss, and your dog starts barking because he is hungry; how embarrassing the situation would be. In such circumstances, the need for such pet care apps becomes more necessary.

The data also show that the worldwide pet wearables market will be worth $2.6 billion in 2019. Such apps can come of much help to working professionals who are working from home. They can concentrate on their work along with keeping a check on their pet. If the pet falls sick, one can take online consultation easily from the doctor at any time and maintain a medical record in real-time.

How are the apps helping pet owners to take care of their pets post covid?

Technology has advanced a lot, and smartphones have made our lives easier for scheduling daily routines to take care of their pets. Multiple startups in the pet care development market offer various pet care apps for iPhone and Android users. The apps have features like dog walking, playing to health checkups, and video chats. The apps have made pet care relatively more manageable and enjoyable. These apps are handy for pet owners who are worried about their pets’ health and fitness, the food they take, and their living conditions and do not have time to look after each aspect of their lives.

The veterinary institutes and grooming salons are also coming up with such pet care apps to make their services more competitive and make the lives of pet owners more comfortable. The pet care industry is growing, precisely, at 2.7% per year, and one can expect it to reach USD 202.6 billion by 2025.

pet care mobile app

What kinds of mobile app for pet care are available in the pet industry?

Mobile Pet care apps can be divided into several groups based on the functions they perform-

  1. care
  2. Entertainment
  3. First aid
  4. Vientanary recommendations

Pet care- this category includes features like tracking pet location to finding a dog walker or sitter. some of the apps in this category include-

  1. Wag- this is an iOS app for hiring a dog walker. The app has features like booking a walk, leaving a key for the dog walker, paying for the walk through the app, and following the walk-in real-time on the map.
  2. Dogvacay- this app is useful for the owners who travel quite often and have nowhere to leave their dogs. The app allows the owner to board their dog at a person’s home rather than in a traditional boarding service.
  3. Whistle- another app handy for pet owners is the whistle, which features tracking the dog’s location using GPS. This mobile app for pet care is useful for keeping a check on the dog walkers and sitters whether they are doing their work correctly or not.

2. Entertainment – pets also need entertainment, and their owners want them to stay healthy and fit. These apps can help pets exercise, both physically and mentally.  One such app is the pup pod, a high-tech, multifunctional game that allows the dog to face challenges that he craves for. The app also allows for playing with the pet and tracking their progress.

3. First aid- whenever the pets are in trouble, this category’s apps come in handy. The pet first app by red cross comes with instructions for giving first aid to the pet at the time of emergency before the vet arrives. The app has a guide on administering medication and preventative care tools and provides you with the option of quickly calling the vet.

  1. Veterinary recommendations- such apps help in connecting with doctors through smartphones. The owner sends all the necessary information regarding the pet, like tests, x-rays, and videos of the pets with symptoms. One such app is the pet coach that allows you to take free vet consultation. The owner can search for the signs, the pets’ behavior and ask the vets, trainers, nutritionists, and other experts.

Features to look for in the mobile app for pet care

The pet care market’s growth and potential have increased in the last few years and even more post covid. The startups and businesses can try their hands in the pet care industry due to the popularity of the apps among pet-owners. If one wants to create a pet care app that fulfills the needs of the pet owners and benefit the app developer at the same time, they should have an idea as to what factors one should take into consideration. Let’s look at some of the features that the pet care apps should have.

  1. Pet profile- this feature includes information about the pet. The breed, color, age, weight, health information, sterilization data, etc. Feilds should be easy to fill, and it should have the option of creating several profiles simultaneously as people might have more than one pet.
  2. Food monitoring- this feature in the app allows controlling each pet’s food and water consumption so that the owner can adjust the pet’s diet and recognize the signs of health issues.
  3. Exercise – this feature allows for planning walks and physical activity and monitoring distance, time, and walking speed.
  4. GPS tracking- this feature will help in tracking the location of the pet at all times.
  5. Medical documentation– this feature includes official medical documents on the pet’s chronic conditions, vaccinations, and allergies.
  6. History and trends- this feature tells the activity and the sleeping and feeding patterns of the pet.
  7. Notifications- This feature will keep the pet owner informed about the vet visits, walking and feeding time of the pet, sleeping and activity timings, tracking the pet’s location, etc.
  8. Search- this feature can help find the veterinarians, groomers, emergency centers, dog parks, etc.
  9. First aid- this feature provides instructions on how to provide medication in times of emergency. It is done with the help of pictures and images, which makes it easier for the owner to understand
  10. Chat with a veterinarian- this feature is quite helpful as it allows us to communicate with the vet and discuss its medical condition.  The option of the video should also be there to show the symptoms and injuries of the pet.

Some Mobile app for pet care that can be of use post covid

Given the work from home culture, it is best to use these mobile app for pet care, which can help you manage your pet and your work at the same time.

  1. Petphone- this app helps you in tracking the health of your pet conveniently. The owner can fill in all the details of the pet along with the medical condition. Plus, it has the feature of catering to more than one pet at the same time. It also allows for keeping a record of the appointments and medications so that the owner does not forget.
  2. Kibble– this app helps the pet owners know what their pet should exactly be eating and what would be appropriate for them.
  3. Petoxins- this app provides pet owners with in-depth knowledge of the harmful plants to their pets’ health. It is an excellent tool with an extensive database and images.
  4. Family dog- this app is like a fun activity for your dogs where the pet owner can encourage their dog to walk regularly while recording their progress. It would be like a competitive sport for your dog in the house. He need not go anywhere, and you can keep a check without your work being disturbed.
  5. Live video apps- iCam- these apps allow pet owners to check on their activities during the day. It is also helpful for those dogs who are suffering from anxiety to monitor their pet’s stress levels and behavior. This way, the owner will understand their pet’s issues and problems, if any.
  6. First aid for Australia- this app contains many helpful and life-saving tips if there is an emergency with the pet. The app links with the local vet clinic, which provides fast access to contact information in a crisis.

Benefits of having a pet care app for pet owners

Using a mobile app for pet care is genuinely beneficial for pet owners. Some of the benefits include-

  1. It reduces the burden of the users so that they can concentrate on other essential tasks.
  2. The apps like notifications and messaging help the owners and the dog trainers interact easily.
  3. The app is secure and completely safe to use. It has multiple options for making payments without any hassle and stress.
  4. The apps allow connecting the owner and the dog trainer over phone calls and emails instantly.
  5. The app also provides the facility of sending pictures and videos of the pets to the owner quickly.
  6. The apps have the feature of sending regular alerts to pet owners regarding their activities.

Australians treat their pets as their family members and put a lot of time and effort into grooming and health. Australia is the country with one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. Around two in five households have dogs, and pet care is a booming business in Australia. Owners continue to become more and more concerned about their dogs and take their dogs to grooming salons, buying fashion accessories and heated mats for colder months, to purchase gourmet meats and treats.

The scenario of pet care apps in Australia

According to statistics, Australian households spent more than $12 billion on pet products and services in 2015 – a jump of 42% since 2013 – with around $7 billion spent on dogs alone. But since the lockdown, there was no way to look after their pets as all the vet shops were closed. The use of mobile pet care apps popularised and helped the pet families cater to their pets. These services became handy when the people had problems taking their pets for onsite visits. People with disabilities and elderly who were more skeptical of the covid situation were also using the app and availing of the pet services. These apps are beneficial for pet owners keeping in mind the present scenario of work from home.


The technology has advanced a lot, and new mobile apps are being developed every other day. The popularity and use of mobile pet care apps are also increasing, and pet owners make the most out of them. These apps make people’s lives easier and comfortable while they have access to all the resources sitting at their home’s comfort.

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