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Resorts generally find their inventory lying with Online Travel Agents (OTAs). There are very few resorts who would want to build their own website and sale rooms online. One of our clients approached us with challenge of selling the rooms online. There were already established competitors in the business and it would be going to be new website for that region.

Client wanted to make certain changes which were in ideation phase. Ideas needs to be wireframed, designed and researched to make sure that they work. Moreover the payment integration needed 4 types of changes which were decided at the end of the product development. Website needs to be have a global presence, needed fresh designs.


Wireframes cut and designs were distributed as photoshop files to client. New look was a definitely going to be challenging. Booking resort would involve inventory per night to be added or updated with backend running job. We made sure that rate chart changes dynamically based on days and availability of the rooms.

Website uses third party payment solution and has built is artificial intelligence of selecting best room for customer. Customer chooses room and charges based on backend algorithm appears within a minute. Website is built with modern, responsive design which has speed as one of the major parameter.


Website is now accessed globally. It has more than 3000 visitors per day.

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