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e commerce website
e commerce website


Ecommerce is the most prominent way of selling things online. Client come up with requirement of building ecommerce store with fixed inventory in mind. Inventory being dynamic and everchanging, it is procured from different vendors. Vendors put up their inventory and best prices for respective items on website. Website is said to perform well when it is able to find best suitable item for the customer.

Client had shared the requirement of building such a website where dynamic inventory selection will be done by customers. Customers will be able to maintain their cart where items can be added or removed. Deals, coupons and discounts needs to be applied to cart items while checkout.

Challenges like pickup and delivery, order changes, logistics are some of the major challenges which needs to be address by technology. Some of the processes like delivery, modifications can be automated but have their own limitations. Questions come up frequently on topics such as

  • How do we decide the minimum delivery time for group of products
  • What will be process for delivery to customer? What notifications to be sent to respective stakeholders? What issues may come up during practical implementation?
  • In case we involve courier agency, what will be lead time? How do make changes in system accordingly?
  • How will vendors be able to decide charges and their commission? Will the system be scalable and perform under user load?


With the experience of building multiple ecommerce solutions, we were very much confident of solving the problem of our customer.  Team with experts employed to understand requirements. They analyzed third party vendors, contractors and other stakeholders to get a holistic view of the situation. The requirement was different as compared to other ecommerce sites.

The client has multiple branches in and outside country, and wanted to have different product line to be available in different country. Site was supposed to be available in 5 countries including India, and it has multilingual support. This challenge was resolved with AWS multi tenancy solution. We worked with AWS team to resolve such issue.

There were going to be different service providers for different countries, and this issue was resolved with Geo based location assignment. Single database with multiple nodes to be used, strong RDS for AWS was selected as best choice for this type of problem.

Team worked for more than 8 months with modern responsive design, attractive yet lightweight website was delivered successfully to client.


Website is getting more than 6,00,000 hits per day from different countries. It is one of the leading website in South Africa.

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