Client success is our success

We at Vibeosys Software believe in philosophy of success leads success. When we work with startups, small or medium business where they are planning a product launch, we help them in all the way possible to meet their goals. We help them understand the process, drive software development process as per their wish. We help and support them in every step possible to speed up the process. Sometimes clients have deadline where we are supposed to employ more resources, sometime they have requirement of showcasing MVP to investors. Sometime there is a situation where we are supposed to deliver few features every month, so we make a plan so as to not miss the timelines given by client.

We believe in commitment to client’s satisfaction. We believe that if client is satisfied, then we are successful. Our success lies in client’s satisfaction. Some cases, after completion of work, clients comes back with some issues, we prioritize our work and make sure that it is duly completed. We stay in touch with our clients throughout the process. We always align our plans, commitments as per client’s business priorities.

our philosophy

First and foremost goal at Vibeosys Software is to deliver Quality to our clients. Quality in product delivery tell us about our commitment to work.  Our quality assurance team follows process of Quality matrix mapping. This process involves mapping of user requirements to test cases and test cases to defects. For defect management we use open source tools like Bugzilla and for some of our clients, we use HP Quality center. Defect management cycle is associated with release management. We ensure 99% defect free builds which do not have Level1, Level2 and Level3 defects.

Employee as a contributor

our team

We consider Employee as contributor to organizational growth. A contributor always thinks of company’s growth along with personal growth. We inspire employees to innovate and always try to keep healthy environment at office. We motivate enough to try new things, accept new challenges, so that there is an individual growth for an employee. Employees work their passion. Employee feels that every task is important to take Vibeosys Software to next level. We at Vibeosys Software feel that if work is enjoyed, it does not remain WORK, but it becomes a day today activity. Work enjoyment can result in more productivity and more productive employee delivers more in lesser time.

We at Vibeosys Software, think that “A TEAM can move a MOUNTAIN”. When we as a team decide to make something happen, we do it. We are a strong team when it comes to completion of tasks. We dedicate our time in brainstorming, planning and strategizing. Individual are involved in every step of development, so that everyone is always aware of small changes and feel that they are part of the team. We trust our employees, so that when they deliver, they deliver but the best.

We encourage Creative, Out Of Box thinking. We enjoy listening to various ideas emanating from different minds. We channelize those ideas and create a thought pipeline which help us come up with unique solutions to our existing problems. Our philosophy is about making happy work environment gets accomplished when our employees are happy and we deliver unique solutions to our client.

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