Presenting cross platform apps with react native platform. React native is a platform for building scalable apps using react.js library. React native platform is one of the Facebook’s open source project. It has ease of Javascript and native like capabilities. With advent of react native platform to build mobile apps, the entire mobile app development process has catapulted. React native apps are fast, easy to customize and more over a single source for multiple platforms. React native has soon gained popularity among the best platforms for cross platform app development.

react native app development

React native app development advantages

  • Save cost on dual development

    Single codebase for Android and iOS saves cost on developing two apps.

  • Live update

    Makes live updates on the fly. No need to go through classical approach of app development

  • Quicker development

    As developers develop and make changes to app, it enables you to change it on app immediately

  • Open source

    It is made by Facebook to be available for FREE. Libraries are all compatible and has no issues

  • Strong performance

    React native makes use of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in contrast to native app which use CPU

  • Feel like native

    Apps designed and developed in React native have same feel as that of Native development

Leveraging react native advantages for smooth app building in vibeosys software

  • Complete solution for end users

    The complete solution consist of developing apps in android and iOS. This is offered in most simplest form by react native apps. We make sure that we leverage this potential of react native to work for client.

  • Faster Go To Market

    Single code base and easy Mobile UI development capabilities makes React Native as one of the major option for faster Go To Market. We help our clients to decide the strategy to use react native for their benefits

  • App maintenance

    We use tools like CodePush offered by AppCenter to push it to app store and play store. This saves time and money for the client for maintaining the app.

  • Best cross platform app environment

    React native provides one of the best cross platform capabilities. Cross platform apps earlier created with ionic, angular but now slowly the trend is changing towards react native. We enable clients to choose from both platforms and guide them

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