Software Development Methodology

Software Development processes have evolved since year 1990. Agile development methodology is one of the popular methods most of the clients ask for. This method encompasses iterative phase wise development completion. It includes Agile Sprint of approximately two weeks where development team works on stories allocated by client in backlog. We share our work on Github, Bitbucket with client. We collaborate using Trello, Slack to communicate with client. We use approach of Test Driven Development (TDD) with most suitable platforms. We collaborate clients on Continuous Integration cycle setup. Agile development is suitable for larger projects where development team is dedicated and project life spans more than six months.

software development methodology

There are clients who demand classical cycle to be followed for project development. In this development process, raw requirements are already prepared by client, which are handed over to us. We clarify requirements, suggest best alternatives and fine grain with help of client. Our suggestions are based on our experience in domain and technology, so that clients gets the best. We then detail out the requirements to transform into technical specifications. These documents are handed over to technical team. Prototyping is a stage of UI/UX designing. App development is either iterative or classical style. Development completion is marked with release to app store followed by maintenance plan. This type of project development works well with short span projects or fixed time projects.

Step by step approach to solution

There are different approaches to solving any of the complex problems. We resort to the industry wide best practices to solve a case or problem. We believe in becoming Tortoise in Hare and Tortoise story. Take few firm steps to get the best output.

Our approach starts with Ideation phase where we discuss idea. We suggest with our experience and present wireframes as our first step to clarify understanding. After consultation with client, we work on technology architecture of project. MVP completion strategy formulation is another such step where we discuss product road map. Based on this road map, we plan our releases. Start our development, to share product as per timelines decided by client. We share beta, alpha releases to make them comfortable enough to provide us feedback immediately. Based on continuous feedback received from client, we work on our next step of releasing the app. We continuously test and develop, which helps client in touch with our development progress.

steps for idea to become app

After releasing the app, we help understand analytics provided by App store and Play store. We help to work with client to better understand the pros and cons of app marketing. We share maintenance plan with client at the end of cycle.

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