Business consulting is planning, organizing and deciding on future technology roadmap for concerned business. New businesses, startups or business with an eye for innovation, would want to know about mobile app development process. We discuss the opportunities related to mobile app development. We help clients in strategy planning and decision making.

What we do?

We help businesses to plan and strategize development of mobile app. There are several steps especially for startup who want to raise funding. There are questions around how much required, what are prerequisites, what is expected funding for the same. These questions are usually asked during the initial period while we are in ideation phase. When we move to concept development phase, we check the feasibility of idea, in case if required we do Proof Of Concept. We help clients to understand basics of app development process and make sure that client has take care of it prior to start of the development.


Business consulting services includes strategy design, development workflow design, process implementation chart, high level use case design, architecture decision points and implementation project plan. All these services are shared and utilized based on client requirement and budget. We provide release plan and approximate marketing plan to start with for Startups and SMEs.

Strategy design being important step, it includes understanding target customer, requirement in detail, interaction scenarios and need for the end user to operate the app. This strategy is then converted to various documents which represent picture at high level.

Some Of Our Interesting Case Studies

Social Apps
E-commerce Website

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Social Apps
Resort Website

Resorts generally find their inventory lying with Online Travel Agents (OTAs). There are very few resorts...

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Consulting Apps
Consulting Apps

Consulting apps are now trending in today’s world. There is so much knowledge on internet available so...

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We also provide services for web development strategy building, let us know if you want to know more.

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