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On Demand Delivery


With boom in mobile sales, order booking and real time delivery has become very common now a days. This generally involves customer and service provider where customer orders items like food, car or any service online and able to track the delivery or status real time.

This helps service provider to receive orders and fulfill them with a click of button. This solution is backed back a strong system of finance, inventory, resource availability and notification updates.

on demand apps


Service providers face challenges such as approaching customers or providing quality service to customers. While customers face different set of challenges such as finding trusted service provider, cost effective and quick service.

There are multiple solutions currently available in market like Uber, Grubhub, Doordash, Ola, Swiggy, Grofers which provides on demand delivery to their customers. These apps and websites have proven time and again that there is a dire need of Quality service and Timely delivery.

Challenge lies in

  • How to accept or decline orders in real time? How to choose different service provider in real time fashion?
  • What ETA to be given to client based on Geo Location of client?
  • How to collect feedback on drivers or service providers which will make the app experience more engaging?

To work on these challenges, we worked with one of our clients who wanted to build multi-lingual app and had similar requirement for availing mechanic services instantly.


Creating a seamless experience across mobile app and website is a major challenge while designing demand services. This needs in depth technology expertise coupled with industry knowledge to make nice customer experience.

While designing real time solutions like on time delivery app or on demand taxi app, we consider the volume of requests, targeted audience along with fulfillment matrices. Administrative panel has to have multiple dashboard containing graphs, charts, red corners, issue tracker and so many more to tackle such large system.

We consider points such as Quality of Service (QoS), Lead Time (LM) to meet the objective of the app. We follow process of SLAM (Service LeadTime And Measurement) which helps to focus on best customer experience. Perfectly designed solutions help clients to reuse the app frequently which helps to get repeat customers for app.


Service provider were able to generate 35% increase in revenues. Customers registered with app were slowly increased from 50-500 within a span of 2 weeks.

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