Vibeosys software is one of the leading company in Android app development. With the advent of mobiles, Android phones become rampant. There are around 80% of population using Android phones. Android platform is the most popular platform for mobile app users. We at Vibeosys work on latest technology stack like Kotlin for app development, Firebase for cloud database and Realm for offline data storage. Android app development is popular as there are variety of android devices available today. Java programming was classical way of developing apps in Android. Kotlin development is a modern and efficient way of developing android apps.

Kotlin development – future of android app development 

Kotlin is one of the most modern programming languages in the fourth generation. Kotlin is syntactically mimics java programming but also shares syntax with its brother Swift. Kotlin is modern in programming, data binding and designing of application. Kotlin development follows MVVM structure which is modern among architectural patterns. Strong and scalable features like data binding makes it easy to code for programmers. Kotlin is surely a programmer’s heaven. We help migrate Java programming to Kotlin program.

Kotlin android development

Android app development
technology stack

For successful android app development process, development team needs strong tools. We at Vibeosys believe in using tools which have ruled the Google Android platform. Google supports Android development with its online tools, but there are many offline players which help android development.

  • Designing

    We use Material design recommended by Google for Android app development

  • IDE

    Earlier Eclipse and now only Android studio is used by our developers for app development

  • Programming

    We use Kotlin and Java for android apps

  • Databases

    We use SQLite and Realm database for offline storage. We also use Firebase for online/offline synchronization

Choice of app development platform – Android  apps or iOS apps 

Many of the startups, SMEs and businesses desire to develop apps for their customers. But in a limbo as to which one they develop and launch first. Clients especially when have budget constraints they inquire about our choice of app platform. We suggest Android app development as our choice of app development. There are various reasons for this preferred choice.

  • Quicker Go To Market

    Android apps have quick GTM strategy. Android app development has more ready to use components. This makes app development quicker than iPhone app development.

  • Easy App LIVE process

    Android apps have a user friendly Make LIVE process. Unlike its counterpart Apple, Google has made significant changes so as to make the app GoLive process smooth.

  • Google managed apps

    Google managed apps like Google maps, Firebase, payment integration and many more libraries are easily customizable with no time. This makes the whole process

  • Integration ease

    Ease of third party integration like material design objects and other third party integrations are easy for developer community. It is user friendly too.

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