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The world has shifted from the usual world of PC to mobile now. With people spending more and more time on their mobiles or even tablets and almost all the productivity tools coming in their mobile optimised versions too, it is only obvious that if anything is on mobile, it is bound to have better visibility.

M-commerce or mobile based commerce was in fact born out of this change in scenario and resulted in the mobile apps serving not just their primary business purpose but also as an alternative revenue source for the businesses through advertising. 

The ROIs yielding from the apps were great and the fact that mobile app development was decently cost effective resulted in more and more businesses starting to develop their own mobile apps- whether it made sense or not is a question which we will deal with later in probably another blog dedicated to it. However, it was not for nothing that everyone thought that Mobile App Development and hence implementation came with its own merits.

A lot has been said about how having a mobile app developed for your business is good but then what all purposes does it actually solve and how much in sync are all those with your business is something that this blog will talk about.

For Effective Customisation & Personalisation

When one drives traffic to their website, the first level of interaction is usually the point post which the firm starts collecting data about a consumer’s online footprints and gradually starts optimising their campaigns for it. However, when an app gets installed, all the information is collected first and then the very first interaction that happens has already been customised to a great extent in order to make the entire engagement more relevant.

In addition to this, while a website or any other web based platform can interact and understand only when there is any direct engagement with their platform, an app however can keep running in the background and if the user has given enough permissions, the relevant information can be collected and used to better their experience and offer a more personalised line of communication throughout the customer journey.

For Easy & Constant Engagement

An average user spends close to 86% of their time on mobile apps. This itself is a case strong enough for a business to take up mobile app development. However, there is one thing more and that is the notifications aspect of it. While one can buy multiple sms or email credits and keep bombarding the prospects with information, another cost effective way of a continuous engagement are the mobile app notifications. Now, the notifications are of two kinds- push notifications or the in-app notifications. While push notifications can be easily used to replace the daily barrage of email and sms, the in-app notifications can be used to reward the active user with better offers and other engagement models. The results have already been established through multiple researches which have stated that push notifications have a click through rate of over 40%.

For Improved Conversion Numbers

Again, a natural extension of the importance of push notifications or in other words a continuous engagement would be their key role in increasing the conversions. Mobile App development can be of great assistance to the businesses in the acquisition of both the top of the funnel as well as the bottom of the funnel users. Thus, depending upon whether the app is of a utilitarian nature or an interest based nature, it can help in getting the contact details (the very first and important engagement point) of impulsive as well as thoughtful buyers

For a better Recall

Given the kind of time that users spend on their mobile devices, it is obvious that they browse through their screens multiple times too. This browsing will result in them looking at the installed apps at least once a day. Now, there is also a high possibility that when someone sees an app, they will probably use it too. Thus, no matter how many ads we show them, getting a mobile app on the prospect’s phone is a sure shot way to an effective recall mechanism which in turn helps bring in revenues. 

For a faster and improved Customer Experience

Since a mobile app isn’t the firm’s official website, it has the option to take any shape or form it wants. In addition since the app is a powerhouse of customer data, it might as well be customised to the customer’s personality types- safely locked in their phone screens and having little or nothing to do with the company’s overall image as well. In addition to this, the app is definitely easier to navigate and browse around and with its advanced tap/swipe/drag/hold/pinch and other options, a mobile app does provide the platform for a smarter interaction.

Finally, most mobile apps have been developed to provide with at least the basic functionalities even when offline. Which means that when bored or with a lot of time to kill, the prospect can interact with your app, probably put some things in your cart making him or her advancing in their customer journey stage.

We have mentioned enough on the various benefits that developing a mobile app for your business has. However, one needs to understand that the mere development isn’t all.  One needs to plan the entire thing well and make sure that the app gets its space on the user’s mobile too. 

mobile app consulting
Consulting mobile app development

For this, one needs to, at the very first step, optimize the entire app and its content for the play store or the app store. This is important to consider during the initial phases of  the mobile app development because the text cannot be changed again and again and also there is so much of backed programming that needs to be done. Next would be to make interactive creatives and run campaigns targeting the right segment.

Also, one needs to take care that a mere download isn’t enough, the stickiness will have to be maintained as well and hence the app content will have to be engaging enough and hence the need for the upgrades and updates. All that being said, our suggestion is that if you as a business see the merit in it then go ahead for a mobile app development because first, it isn’t a very major expense and second, it comes with so many benefits. However, there are still a few industrial domains which we suggest should definitely go for a mobile app development: 

  1. Tourism – for searching for hotels and resorts, making ticket booking
  2. Healthcare – For booking consultations, online medical interactions, booking tests etc 
  3. Rental business – For booking a rental service, scheduling repair and maintenance; 
  4. Restaurants, cafes OR Aggregators – for launching promotions, showcasing menus, booking food delivery;
  5. Cosmetology – booking appointments with specialists, information about services; product catalogs, general information and blog pieces, monitoring calorie intake etc

Hope, this blog piece helped.

Will be back with more engaging content soon!

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