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Traditional business of restaurants works in two different ways, one of them is dine-in and another being take away. Both the channels of restaurants are not enough to make good amount of business. With the advent of online systems, one of the idea was to reach out to customers through app or website. Major challenge came up during the brainstorming sessions with client, was food wastage and client retention.

Client was more concerned about 30 KG of food wastage every day. How do we tackle the issue? How do we make sure that we should only stock the food which has equal or more consumption?

Client was also concerned about order booking being quick and automated, which will help the chef to prepare food immediately. This will make the customers more happy and will remain loyal to the restaurant.

During our brainstorming session with client, we discussed option of on time delivery, home delivery and tracking delivery. Feedback was another challenge which came up during our discussion


At Vibeosys, we designed system which will serve as a platform for restaurant managers to check inventory, attach inventory with individual menu items they were offering to their customers. We helped restaurant owners to identify Fast moving, Slow moving and Non moving items using daily consumption graphs in app and website.

Technology enabled delivery app and nicely designed SAAS based product for restaurants helped managers and owners to overcome challenges. We introduced mobile app in iOS and Android for customers where online orders can be booked. This helped restaurants to get orders online. They are now able to decide average food consumption using graphical representation on web admin panel given as part of website behind secured login.

With the introduction of online payment, online delivery and home delivery options, clients are happy because of transparency and increased efficiency. Restaurant ordering system and online food ordering have been beneficial to owners and managers. Real time notifications like push notifications, emails and text messages made the idea fulfilling and satisfying experience for client and their customers.


App and website for customers helped restaurants from building their individual website or apps which reduced their costs significantly and increased profit.

Profits for restaurants have been increased three fold and online orders ratio is 70% from apps and 30% from website. This is now managed online.

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