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We have, in our previous blogs talked about the importance of mobile app development in general and also touched the importance of android apps- as to why does one need to develop them. 

However, there is one key factor which needs a significant amount of consideration is the fact that it is the nature of the business which dictates the development of an android app or an iOS app development. This is because whatever app one creates, the app development has to be in sync with the business strategy. While the choice might not be as evident and both the platforms now have phones which can touch almost all the possible demographic and psychographic target segments, yet there are some where a choice has to be made. 

Sometimes the choices can be merely budgetary or more business related while other times, it would be the technicalities involved which would govern an iOS app development vis-a-vis an android app development. In this blog we will talk about ten such differences which will help you choose better. For easy reference, we have put the points, 5 each under Business and Technical categories. 

But, before you jump to the differentiation section, here is a brief introduction to what you should do even before you want the segregation done. Some of these questions that need to be asked are more on a business strategy perspective yet, they will help you build a strong foundation for your app development projects. The key things which you thus need to have answered before starting on your android or iOS app development project would be:

  • What do you want to achieve through your app? 
  • What do you value more- cost or time?
  • Have you defined your target well? Have you clearly identified what your average user would look like and behave like?
  • Who in your acquaintances would be the closest to your identified user persona?
  • Have you pitched your app idea to them? Did they find it worthy of their phone space?

While these might seem generic questions to ask yet, knowing these would definitely help you avoid major blunders after you have kick-started your project. Let us now, compare the two platforms and see which one suits your requirements better

Business differences:

The Target Segment

This was something we had mentioned earlier too because this is literally the most important thing to take care of. Now, if we go by statistics, close to 150% iOS users indulge in more in app purchases as against the Android users and hence if your app is something which will promote in-app purchases, iOS app development would make more sense for you. But, if your app is more of an entertainment app where your revenue comes out from higher engagement, an Android app would make more sense against iOS app development, especially in the Indian context. Now, if we move outside Indian and you are targeting the North American or Western European nations, go for iOS App development hands down because the audience is literally crazy about Apple products and finding Androids would be tough. However, if you are talking about the South America,  Africas or Eastern and Central Europe, an Android app would win hands down.

The points to consider here would be the average pay scale and the general GDP of the nations to get an idea of overall prosperity.


This observation might come as a surprise because despite the fact that Android apps hold the maximum market share, it is the iOS solutions which get the businesses the maximum revenue. To look at the data, Apple app store brought in almost 64% additional revenue to the businesses against the average Play store revenue. So, our take would be- till your app isn’t very specialised to suit Android or you can afford just one of the apps with your current budget, do not consider an iOS app development.

Market Cap

This one is simple, if you want more users, given the fact that Android apps have 84.8% of the global market, simply go for Android. There is no question of you going for an iOS app development.

Distribution Specifics

Now, it is not for nothing that Apple keeps such a strong foot when it talks about privacy and offering the best of the experiences. It takes several days for an iOS app to go live because Apple takes its own time to be sure of the fact that the app follows all its guidelines. On the other hand, for Android app, it is only a matter of few hours before the app goes live. 

So, the question is about whether you would want your users to feel safe about their privacy or you would want to reach to them fast? If safety is the primary concern revolving around your app, then iOS app development will be your answer.

Monetization Specifics

There is no comparison in here per se, just the types of monetisation which the platforms offer. An android app allows for the following ways to monetise it:

  • Placing ads inside the application
  • Offering in-app purchases
  • Having your own shopping cart

As for the iPhone apps, following would be the three major ways 

  • In-app purchases and bonuses
  • Offering a premium version of the basic app
  • Allowing for promotional ads

Technical differences

This section deals with the major technical aspects which your development team might have to look at during the time of development.

Complexity of Development

Any day given the varied number of devices with different aspect ratios and screen sizes which Android supports, android app development is going to be tougher than developing an iOS app. Also, a lot of mobile companies have their own operating systems which also have android as base and hence the app has to be compatible to those operating systems as well. iOS apps however, run on just Apple devices and no other operating systems as well and hence an iOS app development becomes a much easier option.

Time for Development

The time would essentially depend on the design, the development and the testing stages. While the first two would take essentially the same time for both kinds of app development, the testing for an Android app would take a significant amount of more time given the ecosystems it will have to work on. Also, while comparing the final time taken, do make sure to figure in the time an iOS app will take for its final approval and publishing on the app store.

Differences in Design

Given how well the apps have advanced in general, there will not be much of differences but iOS apps are anyway more aesthetically pleasing. Also, the return button would be hardly there since Apple offers its standard return. 

Programming Language

Now, this is where a major issue would come because for iOS app development, you will have to do it from an original Apple device only and through Objective-C or Swift language. However, for an android app development, all you need is a good proficiency in Java or Kotlin

Cost of Development

A crucial part for any app development. While developing android apps can get expensive given that the testing and optimisation needs to be done for so many apps, yet having a Mac (the only device which supports Xcode) becomes a useless additional burden for iOS app development. So, you may want to figure these things in your decision making as well.

We feel that these were some critical points to consider. If you have some more questions, do write to us and we will be happy to help.

Have a happy app development experience!

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