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Health websites are usually built with the view that patients visiting the website can grab important information about clinic, team of doctors, diseases and their preventive measures. Patients need emergency services which needs to be available at the click of button. There are products which are available to be purchased online. Patients considered booking appointment as one of the important functionality of the website. This includes immediate confirmation, reminder and notification about the same.

Most challenging area in health website is appointment generation and product sale. The discussion with clients usually revolves around two major questions,

  • What is the allowed quota for the day? How do we priority first and next meetings?
  • How do you want manage the product sale? Is it similar to ecommerce sales or any other ideas?


We provided different ideas to our client based on our experience in healthcare industry. Our business analyst worked with client to understand different aspect of clinic operations. We provided solution of queuing the appointments with calendar view. In calendar, Doctor can accept or reject appointments. We provided facility to postpone or cancel the appointments. We created app for patients to book appointments, contact emergency and view previous bookings. These are handful of functionalities, where we have provided fully functional apps to patients.


Foot traffic increased during first few weeks after release of website. It increased from 30-70% from previous year. Appointments helped operations to smoothen the process of queuing which helped management team take important decisions.

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