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Travel includes hotel, sightseeing, taxi hire and flight booking. Travel app development includes integration with multiple DMC (Destination management company). These DMC will provide destinations and inventory per destination. Idea was to integrate DMC and provide seamless customer experience from booking to post arrival. This includes app development and web development for customers. It needed SEO and SEM for multiple destinations, hotels, sightseeings and flights.

There were around 45,000 pages to be created dynamically for SEO. This would include photos, blogs and dynamic inventory. This app needed backend to be used by support team which planned to include facilities such as booking modification, cancellation, finances, new booking with direct suppliers, adjustments.

The idea was huge and voluminous data was required to be transported from app to website and vice versa. How to export millions and millions of records with one click? Will the app or website be heavy? Will it provide seamless experience for customers? Will the bookings go through with suppliers? These and many more questions raised by our client before we started working on it.


Yes, we did it. Our team of experts including Business analysts, Solution architects and Project managers were selected for this project. Analysts noted requirements, suggested changes to client, back and forth. Solution architects designed workflows for seamless flow. Team worked collaboratively with remote team to deliver complex but scalable solution.

We conducted several meetings and discussion with client to understand the aggregated outcome of booking an inventory. Every single DMC provides different structure and follow different process of booking. We discussed, debated and finalized a seamless flow to book multiple items at one go.

Team was highly appreciated by client post completion of project.


App and website are running successfully with minimum of 7K users hitting the app and website per second. Website is active on AWS cloud where as app is built with native platform. Both get regular upgrades and customers love the upgrades all time.

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