How to leverage mobile apps for e-commerce?

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Conventional E-Commerce

In the era of e-commerce, conventional buyers (used to buy in shops) are turning to market places like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon for cost effective deals and home delivery. A digital commerce is becoming powerful and cost effective solution to traditional commerce model. This e-commerce when transformed into m-commerce in year 2012, it proved to be a flop show, as m-commerce was generating just about 4% of total sales, according to a report published.

When Paytm entered into the payment industry, the sales boosted by the ease of payment using wallets. In the debut year, Paytm had 3.7 million consumers, which means more than around 20% of the electronic payments were captured by the paytm alone. There are other players like CitrusPay, Oxigen who also tried their luck and impressively concluded the figures. Banks like ICICI which was already making sales in billions recorded highest sale in year 2015.

Emergence of m-commerce


More over, when e-commerce turned to m-commerce, it not only boosted the sales, but proved that India (aka Digital India) is transforming. But surprisingly, the m-commerce is not hitting the sales targets which are as expected by the major players. Mobile platforms like Android, IOS have gained a market share above 19% in India, out of which 80% captured by Android and 18% by IOS. It means at least 15% of the population have smartphones with e-commerce mobile apps, then the question is why it is difficult to achieve the sales target of 8% in a year, with a poor YOY (year on year) growth of just 5% in mobile sales?

Leverage mobile apps effectively

If we just reverse the question, are these modern e-commerce companies leveraging the mobile applications effectively? (There is a difference between effective and efficient) Are they really using all the channels effectively. Following tips can some how answer the question for the online stores

Social app integration

Social app integration like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, make it compulsory, it helps segmentation, behavior information and helps to sell as per consumer behavior. Also share is another feature which helps to share with other friends. This is available with all, but yet nobody has successfully implemented it (Need to check user behavior closely)

Upsell the product instead of cross selling

Upsell the product instead of cross selling, will help to raise the sales graph. While up-selling, make the product little expensive. Strong recommendation engine will wipe out other competitors. Offers like One+One = Rs.XXX, or offer like Customers who product X also bought….

Never add advertising

Never add advertising (InMobi may hit me), but that’s true. It upsets customers, and the returning user ratio will hit badly.

Market your products

Market your products through channels like Instagram, LinkedIn. Make sure to add contents relevant to consumers, may not be relevant to the seller. This adds value to the seller indirectly. Raises google ranking etc.

Integrate quick mode of payments

Integrate quick mode of payments so as to reduce the payment time. Payment mode like Wallets, Cash on Delivery helps in sales conversion than the traditional electronic payments.

Notifications according to behavior of the consumer

Notifications according to behavior of the consumer is important. After consumer is registered with the website, flooding the mailbox with irrelevant emails, providing wrong suggestions during sales or notifying about irrelevant offers will adversely affect the sales. Why would a bachelor be interested to buy baby product, irrelevant and useless. Make use of analytics and user behavior recording softwares.

Reminder emails or notification

Reminder emails or notification a need of an hour. Now a days, even though there are Wearable opened up by Android and iOS, but the sales and utility are not that great. Looks like the idea is far ahead of time. But anyways, it would be a great idea to send reminder emails or relevant notification in case of a travel business, cart system e-commerce or mobile recharge, etc.

Idea is to delight the customer,
than not-to-loose a customer,
and also help to boost the sales.

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