QuickServe Restaurant Ordering System


QuickServe™ offers a User-friendly, Quick, Reliable and Agile restaurant ordering system especially designed for the Dine-in restaurants. This App is multi-faceted, effective ordering for Captain, Waiter and efficient order fulfilment for Chef. App comes with variety of features like Table occupancy chart, Menu filtering, Suggestive favourite menu, Bill generation, Updates for waiter and chef, Waiting list preparation, Instant updates for all.

QuickServe™ is all-in-one app for all types of restaurants with easy-to-use functions which needs lesser training for the staff. Admin panel accompanying the App, provides vital strategic functions like Sales forecasting, Graphs and Charts for Billing, Food item ranking based on past orders.

This is an in-house restaurant ordering system for dine-in restaurants. This app helps Captain and Chef to exchange orders from customers. This is mainly focused for large area restaurants where KOT is manual and error prone. This app can be used for beach, resorts, hotels, villas, lounge or multi-storey restaurants.

Few important benefits
  • Single app for Captain and Chef for easy switching with economic benefit
  • Waiting list ease, real-time update to manage customers on week-ends
  • Table allocation real time update
  • Menu item search and filter to quickly search desired item
  • Order completion and pickup notification on notification board
  • One click error-free bill generation
  • Dashboard for Chef to view current orders with notes added by waiter
  • Feedback mechanism to improve quality
  • Cloud storage eases data backup and anytime availability of data
Special business benefits
  • Free cloud based system with data security
  • No license cost
  • Free usage of App on unlimited devices
  • Free management console with reporting
  • Free maintenance for 1 year

Apart from above benefits, there are so many benefits for the staff to ease their day to day operations. This app is truly amazing restaurant app. Try this for free.


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