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On a hot day in Bangalore, I was roaming around with my friend looking for some retail product. We could locate a store, purchased an item and asked about payment. Vendor had different payment options out of which, he asked us to pay electronically through a wallet. We further inquired about why for the specific wallet and the answer came in “Popular Hai Sir” (translation – Sir, Its popular)

Things which gets sold by brand, does not
need promotion - Anonymous

Brand identity can be set through digital marketing. Digital marketing is now a buzzword for most businesses. Managing brand, managing sales and distribution network is now decided by how effective your digital marketing strategy is. Are you surprised? Let me explain…

Main objective of sales is Customer acquisition and retention whereas objective of marketing is to identify STP factors, i.e. Segmentation Targeting and Positioning with recipe of 4P mix. Analyzing the marketable audience and presenting product or service in a manner which will appeal to customers (Promotion in 4P silently). International marketing adds another parameter of Culture and Society values.

Here are 7 rules, we as marketers need to keep in mind while promoting through digital marketing platforms

1. Establishing brand

Strong brand is ascertained by providing information through different channels. Micro-blogging sites like facebook, google+, twitter, linkedin OR blogging sites like blogger, wordpress, custom blogs, etc. Do not advertise but be informative

2. Engage customers

Customer engagement is when customers know about the offerings and want to know more about other offerings. In other words, when customer wants to purchase product A, then they may also want to look at other offerings like product B or service D, service E, etc. While marketing an offering on any platform, please note that it is presented to right audience

3. Play on your strength

While marketing a product or service, exhibit special features which differentiates your offerings than that of others in the similar segments. Many a times, marketers mistakenly try to promote very basic features along with some differentiation. Here there is a chance that somebody else score on you. Try showcasing your best, and play on your strength than working on weaknesses.

4. Social media marketing

Marketing your product on platforms has been very easy now a days and it comes with so many analytics tools. But be wise while choosing the platform. Check you target customer’s rush, interests and then according drill down on your choice. Be aware that conversion of 2-3% is only assured, so think before you go ahead.

5. Selling is an art, be an artist

Selling is an art. Be true to your words, help customer to make decisions, don’t force your opinions, don’t criticize your competitor. These are some of the unwritten rules of ethical marketing, try following them when you post pictures or contents in your website or social media. Be ethical, and customer will come to you.

6. Mobile app marketing

Now a days, customers are moving towards mobile app marketing. Try using apps like Instagram, Pinterest which are picture and video based. Video marketing really make wonders. Audio visual experience creates more craving and conversions are high for this marketing. Make a point to create a craving among your customers. Show your distribution and sales in videos or pictures which will be informative, so that audience gets attracted and try using your offering.

7. Don't forget, content is king

Don’t forget that digital marketing is based on lot of content which is meaningful, informative and un-biased. So curate and publish useful content.

Marketers job is to have a holistic view and design a feasible strategy which will benefit in long run. Above rules help a marketers in achieving long term goals. For short term goals, one can definitely think of other media channels.

Digital marketing is a genie with high returns,
use it effectively

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