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We had, in one of our previous blogs, talked about how mobile apps have a lot of importance for businesses. They not just provide ease to the users but also allow the businesses to touch the millions of customers they couldn’t have touched otherwise. In addition to this, a mobile app can become a source of additional revenue too. This additional revenue could be generated through either displaying ads on the app or through in app purchases. These are however, the benefits one could look at after a successful development and market implementation of the app.

But, how about reaching that step? There are multiple questions like how do I monetize my mobile app? If it can be monetized, then what could be the probable business or revenue models? What are the pitfalls that should be avoided? Can one make their app an overnight success? What should be the ideal strategies to ensure the success of such an app? What all resources would be required for an app development? What kind of functionalities could fit in the kind of budget I have? What should be the budget deployed if I have the prototype ready?

These and a lot of such questions are what getting yourself a good mobile app consulting can help. This blog talks about how on-boarding a good mobile app development consulting cannot just answer your probable questions but also ensure your app a success.

Planning the Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to Fail. The biggest hurdle towards making a good sale-able app is to plan it right and put the right strategy in place. And as surprising as it might sound, a lot of businesses fail to get that right. It is important to note that while creating an app is easy, it is tough to ensure that it gets downloaded and even tougher to make the app stick in the user’s phone. A mobile app development consulting helps you create a strategy such that it encompasses all these stages. And not just the basic strategy but firms like Vibeosys Software (yes, that is us) help you to keep your contingency plans in place as well.

And why would a contingency plan be important? Because marketing is all about A/B testing and no matter how immaculately you plan, the audience can always react differently.

Data Governance & Security

When talking about a mobile app development, one needs to note that there would be multiple security concerns involved. This is because an app stores the usage and personal data of the person using it. When privacy comes, compliance are regulations come too and any diversion can result in strict actions against the firm. And one should understand that gravity of the privacy violation from the fact that even Mark Zuckerberg was put on trial. So, if a small or upcoming firm ends up getting embroiled in any such violations, the price to pay would be huge.

A good mobile app consulting company will help you lay out all the probable compliances and ensure that your company and the app remains fully compliant to them.

Training and Organisation

A lot of the firms do not want to completely outsource the app development. Some of these firms want to work on a collaboration model too where a consulting company would help them build at least a basic understanding of the process in house. A mobile app consulting company can help you do that as well. As we had mentioned earlier too, a mobile app consulting company mostly is the firm which develops apps too. Hence, these firms can provide you with an expert consulting over how to ensure a good app development and post development success.

Mobile App Marketing

Once the app has been created, the next level and the biggest challenge comes in the form of how one needs to ensure that the app gets downloaded. This is where the marketing bit comes in. Even more important than marketing becomes the effort to ensure that the app stays in the user’s phone. A mobile app consulting helps firms to chalk out the entire long term as well as short term plans.

For this, the consulting company starts with the basics, helping identify the target audience, devising a strategy as per the budget, putting up and optimizing the campaigns, and also suggest on the various in-app options which would help with bolstering the stickiness.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Whenever a task is done, it is important to make a note of not just what needs to be done but also what has to be avoided. A mobile app consulting company makes sure that these probable pitfalls are duly taken note of and avoided. While one could say that this is a subset of an effective planning module itself but we felt that this point deserved its special mention. For instance, take the example of a social media app where one could finalise the kind of cloud space the data would take, however, planning for those certain days where the traffic could be too much and hence get the server down is what avoiding pitfalls is all about.

The Questions to Ask

Mobile app consulting companies can help one by choosing the right methods, strategies, codes and trends in order to get the best of the results. These teams are dedicated to this agenda only. Another important thing to note here is that these firms aren’t just consulting or research based firms. These are the firms which actually develop the apps too. Hence, they bring in not just the research based but also the practical experience on board. Thus, before you finalise a mobile app consulting company, these are the questions to ask or points to discuss

  • Have a look at the firm’s previous portfolio and check how diverse it has been? You may also download some of their created apps and check how valid their claims are
  •  Ask them about the tools they use for UI, Design, Coding, Navigation, Integration etc and see how many experts they have.
  • Discuss with them cursorily about the probable strategies they could have, have a look at the case studies which these mobile app consulting companies would have had done for some of their previous clients

It is important to understand that having a dedicated app or an app presence is crucial for enterprises these days and hence some or the other kind of app or integration would be required. Making sure that you have the right strategy for mobile app development allows you to have the perfect timelines and resources set for development, testing, distribution and marketing. An expert mobile app consultant helps you with all these stages.

Now, you might think that you can develop such resources and capability in house as well, but then, sit back and think- there is a reason why this domain of mobile app consulting grew up so fast.

Do you wish to avail mobile app consulting for your business?

Let us know about your consulting need. We are experienced in helping startups, SMEs and small businesses. We can guide you in every stage of mobile app development. Kindly contact us for mobile app consulting

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