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Mobile Apps are creating a major market in entertainment industry


How many of us have this much time to read the newspaper in the morning or watch the news on TV? Not, many of us owing to the busy schedules. But thanks to the world of technology that lets us know the daily headlines about the latest news and happenings around the world with a click of a fingertip. This is how simplified lives have become. The entertainment industry has changed tremendously from live match updates to listening to your favorite songs on the go. With the increasing use of mobile phones and less time, mobile apps have made lives much more comfortable and convenient. Shopping, food, amusement, games, transport are all covered by mobile apps. There is nothing that an app can miss.

Mobile apps have revolutionized all the industries significantly, and entertainment has used them to their best advantage. You can find hundreds of entertainment apps where you can watch your favorite movies, shows, listen to music, play games, and get to know what is happening around you. Who would want to sit in front of the TV waiting for their favorite song to come when they can download the app on their mobile and enjoy unlimited music.

According to a report by the android developers at the google I/O, there are around 8 lakh apps that have been developed by 1.5 lakh developers. Mobile apps have become like our communication hub, entertainment portal, and gateway to essential and necessary information. The entertainment and media industry has changed rapidly in the past few years, and mobile apps have played a considerable role.

How have mobile entertainment apps taken over in the past few years?

Entertainment apps have become very popular in recent years. It has not only promoted customer engagement but also brought the business with them. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are among popular social media apps that have captured most of the entertainment industry market. You can consider all these social media apps as entertainment apps. The most searched thing on the play store is the music apps. They have also acquired a vast share in the entertainment industry. Online music apps have a strong user base and are quite widely used.

Next up is the gaming apps that occupy a significant position in the mobile app industry. It is one of the most demanding businesses in the entertainment industry. Like live-streaming apps, other apps gain substantial popularity that offers live episodes, TV shows, games, and cricket matches. They are convenient to watch anytime and are gaining more TRP than the TV. Sports and news apps are also quite popular among people. The movie industry has also revolutionized to a great extent. All the movies are now being shown on these mobile apps, helping them maintain their box office collection. Apps like Netflix, MX player, amazon prime have done massive business for the entertainment sector.

What is the need for a mobile app for the entertainment industry?

You must have realized that mostly all the brands and websites have their particular mobile apps to access them quickly and increase customer engagement. They also recognize that the internet has overgrown, and they prefer using their mobile devices for surfing rather than TV or laptop. Mobile apps are convenient and provide all the necessary information at the go. Users can get information just by a click of a fingertip anywhere and anytime. Mobile apps are great for any type of business and have the following advantages-

  1. Mobile apps help in retaining customer loyalty and build client relationships.
  2. It helps in promoting the brand and create brand recognition.
  3. Mobile apps enhance the visibility of the brand.
  4. It helps in improving the social networking strategies.
  5. Mobile apps help with customer retention.

How do entertainment apps make money?

The most searched apps in the play store are mostly entertainment apps made for fun. These apps are undoubtedly entertaining and useful for the users, but it also helps the entertainment app developers make money. Some of the ways by which these entertainment apps make money.

  1. Most of the play store apps are free, but how does it help in gaining profit? They have the feature of in-app purchases, allowing users to use a few app elements only when paying for them. To unlock some premium features, the user has to pay for them. For example, the Hotstar app is free for its users, but if they want to watch the episode before it streams on television, they will have to pay to become its premium member.
  2. Many paid apps are available on the play store. The user has to pay if he wants to enjoy the features of the app. This will help the developers make money. This is more relevant for apps that are popular and unique. For apps that have just entered the market, this might be risky as other apps might be delivering the same content for free. Therefore, a thorough review of the market needs to be done before implementing the strategy.
  3. Then they have apps that have the streaming feature to watch TV shows, movies, and cricket. The user will have to pay for the content and enjoy the services. This is one of the best ways to generate revenue from these apps.

Some features that an entertainment app should have

The app providers must provide such services and features that make the user’s life hassle-free and convenient. They should offer quality services as users switch to apps to relieve their stress and entertain themselves after a long hectic day. If the app providers provide quality services and useful features, the customer will stick to the app, and there will be less app retention. Therefore, the apps must have unique features so that the users are impressed with them. Let’s find out some of the features of the entertainment apps that can increase brand visibility.

  1. One of the best features is to have a content update. Updating the content time and again when something new is added will keep the users engaged in the app. The users will receive a notification whenever there is a content update, and that will compel them to open the app and update it. This will promote increased engagement and more customer loyalty.
  2. Having the feature of social media integration also works well. If a user likes something and feels like sharing it, the app should allow them to share the content on all the social media platforms. This will help you gain more users for your app and act as a promotional strategy for your mobile app development.
  3. Another feature that can make your app stand out is the push notifications feature. The app should be updated continuously with new features, schemes, and subscription charges regularly. Also, the flow of articles, blogs, writeups, and videos should be constant. This will keep the app engaging and working and increase its visibility among the users.
  4. Another must-have feature in an app should be an audio and video streaming feature. Video and music is the best way to keep the user engaged with the app. It is one of the essential features to have in any entertainment app.
  5. The app should be not be limited to a particular operating device or web browser. The app should work instantly across different devices and browsers. The resolution of the app should fit into every mobile device to deny any accessibility issues.
  6. The app should also provide the feature of feedback to give their honest feedback by liking or disliking the content. This will keep the users satisfied.

How do mobile apps revolutionize the entertainment industry?

With the advent of mobile apps, the way we look at the entertainment industry has changed tremendously. It is going to see even a lot more in the future. Let’s look at how these mobile apps are transforming the entertainment industry.

  1. With mobile apps, people can know about happenings around them and stay updated with the latest trends. Earlier it was quite difficult to keep oneself updated with the trends, but now it is possible with a click of a fingertip. One can know all the latest and trending topics. Whether it is a game, movie, or a new song release, you can see it all the time it is available. Entertainment is no longer time-bound. one can enjoy and entertain themselves on their terms and conditions anywhere and anytime.
  2. Gathering information is no longer a task. One can easily collect data and share it with others through these entertainment apps. Users can check everything from the latest news to the life hacks on these apps. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter help in sharing the information and data related to anything. Users can share their photos, videos, and information in any manner they like.
  3. Mobile apps have made promotion and marketing quite convenient and simple. These apps help increase brand awareness and improve customer engagement.  Marketing anything is essential, and entertainment apps serve as a great marketing and promotional tools for brands and businesses.

How to attract users to an entertainment application?

Once you have decided and set your audience, it is now time to think of ways to engage and attract the users to your entertainment app. There are many apps with great features that do not do well in the market. This is because they do not do it in the right direction and in the right way. For an app to become successful, it is necessary to attract the right audience. Let’s look at some of the ways to attract users to such entertainment apps.

  1. Simplify the registration process- users get agitated when asked so many questions before they can access the app. Therefore, registration must be less complicated so that users can simply access the app without much effort. This will help in a better user experience. Just simplify the process by asking for the necessary information to install the app without much of a hassle.
  2. The experience of the user with the app should be seamless and without any error. The app’s features should work flawlessly, the load time should be minimum, and there should be no bug or glitch experienced while using the app. The app should be error-free and work smoothly so that it can retain its users.
  3. Allow for sharing of the app through social media integration. If a user likes an app and wants to recommend it to their friends, the app should allow it to attract users. This will promote your app and the app’s content to others by sharing it on all social media platforms.


The mobile apps have brought a wave in all the industries and specifically in the entertainment industry. They have become an excellent way of sharing and gathering information and data among each other. If we look at the scenario today, then we will realize that all things have become simple and straightforward. Entertainment is now just a click away. With the advent of mobile apps, the entertainment industry has transformed magically.

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