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With the gaining popularity of smartphones among users, the world of technology has revolutionized like never before. The reports suggest that there are around 2.3 billion smartphone users in the world. This shows the relevance and importance of mobile apps. Mobile apps have taken a significant role in each and everyone’s life. Whether it is food, shopping, entertainment, amusement, or games, you have an app for each one of them. With such busy lives and schedules, people prefer to use apps that are used on the go. Since we have our smartphones with us always, these mobile apps are handy to make our lives comfortable and manageable. Statistics show that there are 180 billion mobile applications over the internet as of now.

Importance of mobile app development

This indicates that we cannot overlook the importance of mobile app development at any cost. Their application is not only useful for entertainment and fun, but they have played a revolutionary role in promoting the business and its growth. Mobile applications have come in handy to generate revenue and earn profits in companies. Mobile apps have been there, for now, a decade now, but with their popularity and relevance, these mobile apps will witness such trends that will shape the future of mobile app development.

Rapid Increase in Mobile apps

With the rapid increase in mobile apps, it becomes more necessary to understand the changing and emerging trends in future technology in mobile. The total number of mobile app downloads are expected to increase to 258 billion by the year 2022. Mostly all businesses and organizations are using mobile apps to improve customer engagement and loyalty. These firms have realized that investment made in mobile app development is very beneficial for them. Mobile apps are going to give tremendous results, as have been discussed in our earlier blog.

This calls for mobile app developers to dive into the world of mobile app development. At the same time, it is necessary to understand and keep track of technological changes and future mobile trends. These trends will help the developers create a robust mobile app that will witness a new future of app development.

Trends that will revolutionize the future of app development

While smartphones are becoming increasingly technology-driven, mobile apps are also improving and providing a better user experience than ever before. Below we will discuss some trends that will tremendously change the future technology in mobile.

  1. Internet of things (IoT)- how about an app that allows you to give some specific instructions to a particular item, and you do your work with a click of a fingertip? Sounds interesting, right? This is all part of the internet of things and helps communicate via smartphone or tablet apps. This is a revolutionary change that users might witness in the years to come. Mobile devices and smartphones would act as remote controls that will analyze and display information, interact with social media networks by posting or tweeting, paying for subscription services, and ordering replacement consumables. We can already see the IoT is getting famous and coming more and more in use. Air conditioners can be controlled with the help of smartphones. You can adjust the temperature while you are sitting in your car. And by the time you reach home, you can chill and relax. IoT will help the gadgets communicate amongst themselves and personalize them according to one’s needs and preferences. The current software and communication technologies used for IoT include RiotOS, Thingsquare Mist, RFID, WiFi, EnOcean, etc. apple has also launched some products of home kit that will provide wireless and electronic control of the home appliances.
  2. The beacon technology coming to light- with security and logistics being all-time on priority, beacon technology-based apps will come in handy that provide location tracking services at affordable costs. Beacons or wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to send and receive signals. It helps in exchanging information necessary for sales. It is quite beneficial in location technology and marketing of the application. The technology is already being used in top industries, hospitals, and healthcare. Currently, we have tile, which the most popular app using beacon technology. You can attach small things that you are prone to lose, and if one of those things gets lost, it will beep and let you know the location within the range of 100 ft.
  3. M-commerce- google pay and wallets have made making payments so convenient and straightforward. Users can purchase using mobile phones with apple pay and google wallets instead of debit and credit cards. With people using more and more M-commerce, developers would require to build such apps that can process transactions without physical debit and credit cards. M-commerce will soon become the primary source of sales. Some apps like gaming and food apps have lost momentum because of advancements in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. One should develop such apps that can fit the economic norms that can help mandate such practices.
  4. Wearables– smartwatches and display devices have shown upcoming computing changes and transitions from primary to smart wearable devices. Such gadgets will communicate with mobile devices to deliver information in new ways. Statistics state that revenue generated by wearables is assumed to reach US $18984million in 2020. You can connect a call from your Apple smartwatch if you do not have your phone near you. One will require such apps to become a hub of the personal area network consisting of wearables such as smartwatches, display devices, healthcare sensors, and smart jewellery. Wearables are limited to smartwatches and fitness bands only, but with such smartphone apps that can communicate with the screen surface, it can extend to apparel and footwear.
  5. Cloud-driven services- with the cloud-driven technology apps, the user can get away with the primary storage and memory problem in their smartphones. Cloud computing can store all the data on the cloud and free up space on the phone. With the internet connection, they have access to all the stored data and information anytime and anywhere. This will free up space on the mobile and make the user experience light and smooth. Cloud-driven services are seen as the future of app development as these will allow the users to go beyond the device storage capacity. Such apps also provide benefits like low hosting cost, enhanced loading ability, smoother business operations, and better user experience.
  6. Swift the language of future mobile app development- Swift programming language will play a key role in developing future mobile applications. With an increased app creation speed and overall low cost, the swift language will be the future of mobile. Swift programming language is used by developers to develop iOS applications and provides some unique features that have never been used by the developers of the native language. It’s an interactive playground and is one of its best features that can help make any coding changes without recompiling and fixing errors. This programming language is being used by 5.9 percent of respondents worldwide.
  7. AR and VR as the future of mobile app development– the augmented reality and virtual reality will see tremendous changes soon. These technologies will become very advanced and change the gaming and entertainment experience for its users. AR and VR technologies have already been used in the tourism and hospitality industry. The gaming sector has also seen changes with the Pokemon Go app. These have been used on the PC and laptops only, but smartphones are again readily coming up with such apps and will see a drastic change in their use. Statistics suggest that the AR market will touch $80 billion by 2025, the PC market’s current size. AR and VR technology is going to be expanded to other sectors like healthcare, education, engineering, and retail.


All this clearly shows that the future of mobile app development is vast and flourishing. These apps will allow developers and businesses to do well in the future and provide quality solutions to users. Companies can take advantage of these future mobile trends and generate higher revenue. Of so many apps available on the internet, infusing your mobile apps with these technologies and future trends will make your app stand out and unique.

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